52 – How ADHD Impacts Siblings with Ashley Gobeil
52 - How ADHD Impacts Siblings with Ashley Gobeil
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

ADHD impacts the entire family. In this episode of the Soaring Child, licensed child and family therapist Ashley Gobeil joins the show to discuss how ADHD impacts siblings in the family.

Ashley is no stranger to being a guest on this podcast and doesn’t require a long introduction, but she has so much gold in every episode. She is a highly experienced therapist with over 15 years’ experience and extensive expertise with children who have been given the diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, and learning difficulties.

In this episode, discover strategies parents can use to diffuse sibling rivalry and to support both the child with ADHD and the other children in the home.

 Show Notes

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Key Takeaways:

[3:12] How ADHD impacts siblings

[5:23] What parents can do to support the child in the family who doesn’t have ADHD

[8:09] Love languages

[9:31] Other ways parents can support siblings

[13:28] How parents can speak to siblings about the other child’s ADHD

[16:30] How to manage ADHD behaviors in the moment

[19:18] How the conversation changes as children get older

[22:17] The importance of consistency in this approach

[24:24] How parents can promote a more positive relationship between siblings


Memorable Moments:

“Behaviors really do communicate their emotional experiences.”

“We’ve really got to trust our parenting instincts. If it feels like I’m not giving my child enough attention, they might be feeling that way too.”

“If we can get a bit of a picture or an understanding of, ‘What’s the siblings’ experience of what’s happening in the home? What’s their feeling?’ Then we can go, ‘What’s their underlying need?’ And then we can respond and support them in that need.”

“I often like to start with that verbal observation of what I am seeing between the siblings. And then you do the Name it to Tame It.”

“We do want that sibling to feel heard, seen, soothed…But we also want them to be able to hold compassion and empathy for their sibling as well.”

“Rather than…’How do we hit with the discipline or consequential action,” going, ‘what do I want to teach in this moment?'”

“There’s the content of what they’re saying, but what’s actually underneath?”

“You are building a new picture of how your children experience you.”

“A really important focus on how we create that sibling relationship is…that parent-child relationship…When that child who is struggling feels connected to, feels heard and understood by the parent, we’re in a much better place to build the foundations of that positive sibling relationship.”


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