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ADHD: A Mother’s Journey To Helping Her Child Take Control And Thrive Naturally

To Dana Kay, founder and CEO of Our Road to Thrive and the creator of the ‘ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids’ program, nothing mattered more than having a normal life.


Is Parental Guilt over a Child’s Aggressive Behavior Justified? Probably Not, And Here’s why

A search online for “guide to parenting” might pull up thousands of articles and downloadable books on the DO’s and Don’ts of raising a child the “proper way”. 


How the Gut-Brain Connection Impacts Kids With ADHD

A lot of people are convinced that without a proper diet, their kids are leading a healthy life: with or without ADHD. Dana Kay, CEO and founder of Our Road to Thrive, thinks otherwise.


Remote Working With ADHD Kids At Home? Balancing The Future Of Work And Hyperactive Children

The pandemic has led to a change in work habits, with many now working from home instead of the office. While this shift has opened the path to a new work-life balance, for some it has also created a whole new set of challenges.


Behavioral Problems In Children-Expert Dana Kay’s Approach to Managing Diet as a Contributing Factor

As far as children’s nutrition and behavioral issues go, most parents would only worry about the occasional “sugar high”. Giving a five-year-old a soda pop or 100% fruit punch in the evening is probably not a good idea


Why Community Is So Important For Parents Of Children With ADHD

Parenting is challenging under normal circumstances. Throw in a behavioral disorder such as ADHD and it can become downright herculean.


Remote Working With ADHD Kids At Home? Balancing The Future Of Work And Hyperactive Children

The science is clear: diet does matter. Dana Kay, founder, and CEO of Our Road to Thrive and creator of the ‘ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids’ program, holds this belief firmly


Four Ways Parents Can Use Diet To Help ADHD Children

At a time when many parents question the veracity of using prescribed medication to treat ADHD in children, maximizing natural therapies has emerged as a preferred intervention.


Over-prescribed and Undernourished 

When most parents receive a diagnosis of a permanent condition, they feel fear, trepidation, even at times guilt or sorrow. But when I was told my son had ADHD–I was relieved. 


The Link Between Toxic Foods and Behavioral Issues in Children

One of the biggest challenges parents face with children is dealing with tantrums or meltdowns. Not only is it hard to manage emotional outbursts while they’re happening


Focus On Diet Helps Parents Cope with ADHD in Children

The global health industry has sharpened its focus on food as medicine and Dana Kay has harnessed the power of diet to help families struggling with ADHD in children


Is It Really ADHD Or Could Your Child’s Diet Be Playing a Role?

It’s no secret that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of children being diagnosed with ADHD over the past 20 years. But does this mean that ADHD is on the rise?


Dana Kay’s Big Idea That May Change The World.

Reducing ADHD symptoms naturally is somewhat of an unconventional idea. Many times, when a diagnosis of ADHD is given to a child, dietary changes are not even mentioned to parents  as a possible.


ADHD In Kids And The Over-Reliance On Medicine

ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed behavioral disorder in children. In fact, it is one of the most commonly diagnosed long-term disorders in children overall, falling just behind asthma.


How Nutrition & Getting to the Underlying Cause Play a Part in ADHD

By digging a bit deeper we often find that nutrition, environment, and lifestyle play a huge part in the health and well-being of children diagnosed (and undiagnosed)