44 – Parenting Your ADHD Child – 2 Dads Chime In with Dave and Keith
44 - Parenting Your ADHD Child – 2 Dads Chime In with Dave and Keith
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

What are some of the common hesitations many dads feel when walking this journey with a child with ADHD?

In this episode of the Soaring Child podcast, 2 dads chime in and share with us about some of the challenges, obstacles, and hesitations they felt when first learning how to reduce ADHD symptoms naturally with their children.

“Is this going to work? Can we trust this?”

“I don’t want to spend the money on ‘another thing’ that may or may not work!”

“I don’t want my child to feel different.”

In this episode, Dave and Keith shared their personal experiences in helping their children on this journey and offered advice to both moms and dads tuning in who might be nervous about starting the natural journey to reduce ADHD symptoms.

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[4:02] About Dave and Keith

[8:21] ADHD symptoms their children were experiencing

[16:12] Hesitations about natural solutions for ADHD

[23:08] The common hesitation – “It won’t work!”

[29:48] The common hesitation – “I don’t want to waste the money!”

[31:16] The biggest obstacles Dave and Keith faced and how they overcame them

[45:35] Their advice for moms who are nervous to discuss natural solutions with their partners


Memorable Moments:

“Everything that seemed ‘traditional’ didn’t work for us and didn’t do anything for us, so it just became the time that we said, ‘Let’s try something more non-traditional.'” 

“The cost of your program – which seemed like a lot upfront – was less than every other thing combined that didn’t work.” 

“It doesn’t really matter the cost. I’m trying to help my son be a better version of himself.” 

“If we medicate this child, we might gain something, but what are we going to lose?…It works sometimes, but other times it causes more problems than it solves.” 

“I looked at this girl every day and saw the struggle she was having. To me, there was no price on trying to figure that out. It was just that simple.” 

“I didn’t want her to feel different because of something we were trying to do to help her.” 

“One of the things people are going to be worried about going in to this is that their kids are going to feel deprived. I can tell you 99% of the time, our daughter does not feel deprived.” 

“We had a lot of stuff to pull out of her diet, but it’s worked. We’ve managed it. After a while, it didn’t seem scary. It was just the everyday routine.” 

“Like any other thing you are doing as you’re raising a child, if you’re doing it as a team, it’s probably going to turn out better.” 

“Don’t say to your husband, ‘Do this for me.’ Do it for the child. And if there’s anything you wouldn’t do for the well-being of your child, then shame on you. You definitely got in the wrong business of being a parent.” 


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