85 – Ayurveda with Amish Shah
85 - Ayurveda with Amish Shah
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

What is Ayurveda? How can it help kids with ADHD? Is there any science to back it up? Amish Shah explains more in this episode of the Soaring Child podcast.

Amish Shah is a savvy entrepreneur, a yoga guru, a filmmaker, and someone on a personal quest for healing. When traditional medicine had no answers for him, he took matters into his own hands and dug into the world of ancient wisdom.

He captured all of this in a must-watch documentary called The Natural Law, which is available to view at https://thenaturallaw.com/. In this film, Amish opens up about his own healing journey and takes a hard look at the shortcomings of Western medicine. He also shows us the incredible healing power that comes from balancing our mind, our body, and our spirit, especially through Ayurveda.

In this episode, learn more about Ayurveda, its application for ADHD, and much more as we explore the healing power of balance in our lives.

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[4:47] Amish’s personal story with the healing powers of Ayurveda

[17:36] 5 core principles of Ayurveda

[22:06] The 3 doshas of Ayurveda

[25:43] What to do if you think your doshas are out of balance

[30:09] The role herbs play in Ayurveda

[34:07] Amish’s response to critics of Ayurveda

[36:35] Additional natural strategies involved in Ayurveda

[40:21] Amish’s favorite brands of Ayurveda oils

[41:10] Where to find Amish online


Memorable Moments:

”Ayurveda saved my life…I’ve dedicated my life to this.”

”My doctors refused to give me a gluten test actually…They said there was no way I was allergic to gluten. I had two different doctors tell me that.”

”It’s not what the doctors are taught. As much as we want to blame the doctors, we have to blame the system that gives the doctors the information in the first place.”

”Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old science. It comes from ancient India. It’s been time-tested over thousands of years literally…It’s survived because there’s something about the truth, and the truth is timeless. If it’s survived this long, that means it’s working. It has worked, and it will continue to work.”

”We must live in accordance to nature, and there are certain laws in nature that if we go out of bounds, we will become out of balance.”

”Everything in the universe consists of the 5 elements: ether…air…fire…water…earth.”

”The 3 doshas are anything that moves, anything that transforms, and anything that has structure.”

”We want to take certain herbs and foods – they all have a certain amount of these 5 elements and we all have a certain amount of these 5 elements – so if something is off, we use a plant that will reduce it. We take out the foods that are inflaming it.”

“We have this guide that was produced thousands of years ago that catalogued 9000 plants that have 25000 recipes for everything from chronic conditions to cancers to everyday stomach aches.”

”Ayurveda says that disease starts in the mind, number one, yes, but it crystallizes in the body. And where disease starts – once your mind has come up with it – it starts in the gut. It manifests in the gut.”

“Your gut is responsible for everything. Clean gut means good mind.”

”Ayurveda practitioners will spend a minimum of 45 minutes with you.”

”Only treat unhappiness…because a lot of what’s happening comes from there. So the mind, body, spirit or self-awareness connection are so critical in Ayurveda.”

”The herbs that came from Ayurveda are now being proven to have efficacy.”

”Science is now catching up to this ancient wisdom.”


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