84 – Alternative Treatments for ADHD with Dr. James Greenblatt
84 - Alternative Treatments for ADHD with Dr. James Greenblatt
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

Contrary to what is often told to parents of kids with ADHD, there are many natural things you can do to support your child. In this episode of the Soaring Child podcast, Dr. James Greenblatt joined the show to discuss various alternative approaches to ADHD treatment.

Dr. James Greenblatt is a groundbreaking medical expert and the best-selling author of Finally Focused. He joins the podcast to share his invaluable wisdom on natural approaches to psychiatry and ADHD. His work has been a beacon guiding not only professionals like myself but also countless families towards a more sustainable and empowered way of life.

He was inducted into the orthomolecular hall of fame in 2017 by the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine. He is also the founder of Psychiatry Redefined, an educational platform dedicated to the transformation of psychiatry, which offers online courses, webinars, and fellowships for professionals.

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[3:09] Is ADHD overdiagnosed?

[4:21] What are some of the limitations of medication for ADHD?

[5:17] Dr. Greenblatt’s personal story

[7:06] How diet affects ADHD

[9:05] How did our society get so far away from healthy foods?

[10:59] How sugar affects B vitamins

[11:35] How artificial flavors/colors affect ADHD

[13:37] Common nutritional deficiencies in kids with ADHD

[17:22] Dr. Greenblatt’s favorite tests for kids with ADHD

[20:01]  How genetics affect ADHD

[22:16] Dr. Greenblatt’s approach to detoxification

[25:28] How to respond to critics of natural strategies

[29:08] 1 piece of advice for parents to implement today

[30:15] Where to find Dr. Greenblatt online


Memorable Moments:

“In some communities and for some individuals, I do think it’s over-diagnosed and other problems are being missed, but it’s also being under-diagnosed, particularly in women.”

“It’s [medication] a symptomatic bandaid. It doesn’t do anything to the underlying symptoms. And when someone takes medication, there might be an improvement, but as soon as the medicine wears off…the symptoms come back….And there are a wide list of potential side effects.”

”We have 25 years of research talking about diet, sugar-sweetened beverages, ultra processed foods affecting brain function and the effects are attention problems, depression, anxiety, even memory and dementia. So we know clearly diet affects behavior.”

“Sugar sells.”

”Probably the most common deficiency – both in children and adults – is the trace mineral of magnesium.”

”The root of my practice…is a personalized approach, but I think there are a few nutrients we could give our kids without testing, and that would probably be the B complex I mentioned, magnesium, and essential fatty acids.”

“What we’re trying to help parents do is look for the underlying cause.”

“In the old days, I didn’t have a lot other than I just knew in my heart that kids got better. But at this point, we have research to support everything that you and I and others have been trying to say to parents and families. And oftentimes we have more research than some of the pharmaceuticals.”

”You go to a psychiatry conference, and it’s supported and funded by the pharmaceutical company and, as you said, the research is as well.”

“Listen to your child. Our kids with ADHD know what’s helpful and will tell you.”


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