71 – The Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) for Kids with ADHD with Lloyd Burrell
71 - The Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) for Kids with ADHD with Lloyd Burrell
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

What are EMFs, and how do they affect the body? More specifically, how do EMFs affect children with ADHD?

In this episode of the Soaring Child podcast, we are joined by Lloyd Burrell. Lloyd is creator of the EMF Health Summit, The Science of Healing and Consciousness Masterclass Event, best-selling author of the book, Healing with Vibration, author of The EMF Practical Guide, and founder of electricsense.com, which has over 4 million visits since its inception in 2009.

Lloyd is passionate about educating people about the dangers of man-made electromagnetic fields and sharing solutions and helping people reconnect with the healing forces of nature. Tune in to this episode to learn more about EMFs and what you can do to reduce your (and your family’s) exposure.

 Show Notes

Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Studies about EMFs – 

Exposure & Use of Mobile Devices for Young Children

Health Experts Say Parents Need to Drastically Cut Kids’ Screen Time

Prenatal & Postnatal Cell Phone Exposures & Headaches in Kids

5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation – https://adhdthrive–electricsense.thrivecart.com/emf-7-day-challenge/


Key Takeaways:

[4:20] What led Lloyd to his work with EMFs

[7:08] What are EMFs?

[13:55]  Why are EMFs such a big deal for children?

[20:14]  Various studies about the dangers of EMFs, in particular in regard to kids with ADHD

[28:26]  What parents can do to reduce exposure to EMFs (the acronym UMM)

[36:30]  Lloyd’s thoughts about Wi-Fi

[41:03]  Where listeners can find Lloyd online


Memorable Moments:

“I was just getting sicker and sicker, and it took me the better part of 10 years to get my health back on track.”

“EMFs are everywhere, all the time. We live in an EMF-world.”

“When I say EMF, I mean Electromagnetic Field.”

“Our governments don’t want us to know the dangers of this. They want us to know how great our cell phones are, but they don’t want people to know about the dangers.”

“We’ve got thousands of peer-reviewed studies going back decades linking these exposures to adverse biological effects.”

“Most people think EMFs are safe, and then those that are a bit aware know about cell phone radiation but hardly anyone knows about dirty electricity, which is a huge problem.”

“Children are, quite simply, more vulnerable than adults.”

“The problem isn’t just EMFs. It’s the EMFs with the toxins with your energetic electromagnetic system.”

“We first need to know about it to be able to deal with it.”

“Even if you don’t take action for yourself, take action for your kids.”

“There are 3 ways to mitigate. First we can just turn it off…If you can’t turn it off, increase the distance…And the third way is to shield.”

“With these EMFs, when you increase the distance, your exposure decreases exponentially…”

“If we’re going to deal with this properly, we need to UMM – understand, measure, and mitigate.”

“Wires are the key. Wires are safer. Wires are faster….Everything you can do wirelessly, you can with wires better.”

“Turn off your Wi-Fi at night.”


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