69 – Detoxification for Kids with ADHD with Dr. Janice Carlin
69 - Detoxification for Kids with ADHD with Dr. Janice Carlin
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

We live in a toxin-filled world, and detoxification is a much more complicated process than just taking a supplement or following a program. That’s why I’m very excited to welcome Dr. Janice Carlin to this episode of the Soaring Child podcast.

Dr. Janice Carlin, PhD, is a board-certified holistic health practitioner, certified holistic nutrition practitioner, and certified bio individual nutrition practitioner, and she started her career as a professional educator working with children of all ages and abilities. Her passion for empowering people with knowledge carried forward after she changed her career to the natural health field.

She has worked with individuals and families around the world, helping them to recover their health and transform lives.

Dr. Janice Carlin joins the show to discuss common environmental toxins our kids are exposed to, things parents can do to lower exposure to toxins, how to safely detox, and so much more!

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[3:05] Dr. Carlin’s previous work as a teacher working with kids with ADHD

[4:50] Why Dr. Carlin changed career paths

[6:43] What is detox?

[9:31] Do kids with ADHD have more trouble with detoxification?

[13:03] Common toxins and tips for parents to lower toxic exposure

[21:33]  How to safely detox

[26:47] Top 3 things parents can do to help children detox

[30:13] Where to find Dr. Carlin online


Memorable Moments:

“We live in a toxin-filled world.”

“Different children’s bodies react to those toxins in different ways. If we pay attention to their symptoms and don’t judge them or punish them or medicate them, but pay attention and think, ‘What could be causing this? What is the source of this?’…Everything can change.”

“Our bodies have a natural system/way of detoxifying themselves.”

“When they have these toxin exposures, it’s causing inflammation in the body, and inflammation is going to cause more symptoms and that’s going to impair the detoxification system even more.”

“As long as the source of the toxins you are still sitting in it, you can’t get it out….Lower inflammation in general by lessening the exposure.”

“You can help support their body’s ability to naturally detox….And you don’t need a doctor to do this part for you.”

“You want to calm the system down, lower the inflammation, get a little detox going, and now we can go deeper if needed.”

“Number 1 – clean the diet and the lifestyle. Keep those chemicals away as much as you possibly can and expose them to nature.”

“You control what they eat…They need nutrition for the pathways to work correctly…Everything that they eat should be nutrient dense.”


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