58 – Positive Discipline Strategies with Casey O’Roarty
58 - Positive Discipline Strategies with Casey O’Roarty
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

This week on the Soaring Child, my guest Casey O’Roarty and I are exploring Positive Discipline Strategies.

Casey is a facilitator of personal growth and development and for the last 15 years, her work has encouraged parents to discover the purpose of their journey and provide them with tools and a shift in mindset that has allowed them to deepen their relationships with not only themselves but also their families.

Casey is a Positive Discipline lead trainer and coach. She hosts a podcast, parenting summits, and live and online classes. Her book, Joyful Courage: Calming the Drama and Taking Control of Your Parenting Journey, is a must read for parents!

In this episode, Casey shares tips for connecting with teens, strategies for parents to help them maintain their sense of peace, and so many more golden nuggets for parents! I absolutely LOVE the mantra she shared – “fiercely committed, loving detached.”


 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[4:54] Positive Discipline – what it is and how it benefits the relationship between the child and the parent

[10:45] Personal growth for parents as they begin implementing Positive Discipline

[14:45] Tips for parents of teens for keeping peace in the home

[19:21] The Mantra – Fiercely Committed, Lovingly Detached

[24:56] What surprised Casey the most about the teen years

[31:38] Where to find Casey online


Memorable Moments:

“Positive discipline is based in Adlerian theory, with the core concept being that human behavior is motivated by our perception of belonging and significance.”

“Most of us were raised with the idea that we can reward and consequence our kids into doing the right thing. This is totally different.”

With “relationship centered parenting…you will foster a space and an environment and a relationship that is going to allow your kids to move through the hard things…to move through the rebellion…to move through the risky behavior and still have a place to land.”

“It has created the dynamic where my kids will come to me and say, ‘I need to tell you something.’”

“We are the sum of the experiences and the relationships that we have had over our lifetime.”

“Did I show up the way I wanted to show up? What was the mistake that I made? I’m going to own that with my kid.”

“Finding peace… is a moment by moment experience.” 

“Everything is temporary. The highs last for a while. The lows last for a while. But there’s always a swing back.”

“Those hard places are where our kids get to develop so many tools.”

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