48 – Foundations of Health with Dr. Joel Warsh
48 - Foundations of Health with Dr. Joel Warsh
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

On this week’s episode of the Soaring Child, Dr. Joel Warsh shares about the foundations of health. In this episode, discover common environmental toxins, the key components to a healthy lifestyle, potential reasons for the current mental health crisis, and specific things parents can do to help their children thrive.

Dr. Joel Warsh is a board certified pediatrician in Los Angeles, California, who specializes in parenting, wellness, and integrative medicine. He grew up in Toronto, Canada, and completed degrees in kinesiology, psychology, epidemiology, and community health before earning his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson Medical College.

He completed his pediatric medicine training at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and worked in private practice in Beverly Hills before founding his current practice, Integrative Pediatrics and Medicine Studio City in 2018. He has been featured in numerous documentaries, films, summits, podcasts, and articles including CBS, Fox, LA Parent, and many others.

He’s also the founder of the Parenting Masterclass series, which can be found at www.raisingamazingplus.com. He is the author of the book, Love Dad, featuring multiple celebrities, which is set to be released in 2024.

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[4:32] Foundations of Health and the SEEDS Analogy

[7:41] Reducing the Exposure to Environmental Toxins

[12:28] Advice to Parents about Where to Start

[15:39] Shifting the Focus from Treatment to Prevention

[20:07] What is the meaning of SEEDS?

[20:30] Possible Causes of the Current Mental Health Crisis

[24:26] What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children with Mental Health Challenges

[28:15] What Led Dr. Warsh to Natural Medicine

[31:55] What Parents Can Do to Help Reduce the Amount of Medication

[34:04] Dr. Warsh’s Parenting Masterclass

Memorable Quotes:

“These are things that anybody can do today to help with their overall health and wellbeing.” 

“Focus on those foundations of health.” 

“I like to call it the SEEDS of health. S for stress, E for environment and toxins. Other E for Exercise, D for diet, and final S would be sleep.” 

“Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and that’s where I think it’s important to start by remembering that there are some things we have some control over, and there are some things that we don’t have a ton of control over.”

“There are toxins in the water. There are toxins in our food.”

“When speaking about this to families, it’s really important to focus on those things where you do actually have some control.”

“Every decision I make, I put some thought into it…what am I exposing my children to? Every little bit makes a difference.”

“50% of kids or so have a chronic disease. At this point, 70% of adults do. Most are on medication.”

”There’s no logical reason not to think about prevention, and there’s no logical reason to not think about the root cause of illness. But it’s difficult in modern medicine because of the way the system is set up.”

”The system is not going to fix the problem.”

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