43 – Overcoming Burnout with David Greenwood
43 - Overcoming Burnout with David Greenwood
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

Caregiver or parental burnout is a very common struggle for parents of neurodiverse children. When my son’s ADHD symptoms were at their worst, burnout felt like it was constantly just a few meltdowns away.

In this edition of the Soaring Child, we speak with a burnout expert, David Greenwood.

David is the author of Overcoming Burnout and the perfect person to speak on this topic. In Overcoming Burnout, he interviewed many people who experienced significant bouts of burnout. He also interviewed many experts in the field and incorporated that advice into the book.

In this episode, he shares real life strategies for burnout, recovery, and prevention. His previous book, Overcoming Distractions, profiled many entrepreneurs with adult ADHD, and they shared their stories of success.

If you are the parent of a child with ADHD, you definitely want to tune in to this episode to learn strategies that can help keep you from that place of parental burnout.

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[5:00] Why David wrote the book Overcoming Burnout

[6:55] David’s burnout story

[10:04] Symptoms of burnout

[12:58] What David did to get out of burnout

[15:50] Burnout in parenting

[24:26] The mind, body, sleep approach

[28:32] Where parents can start if they are feeling burnt out


Memorable Moments:

“I needed to focus more on me.”

“People don’t take the time to have a professional life that supports their personal goals…Decide what you want your personal life to look like and ask, how can your professional life support that?”

“It’s important for us to be in charge…you need to be in charge of yourself, you need to be in charge of your emotions, you need to be in charge of how you react.”

“You need to prepare the mind by preparing the body. You need to take care of the body so that the mind can do the work and crawl out of burnout.”

“Taking a good walk with some good fresh air in your face – no headphones, no podcasts, no music, no nothing, just you and nature – just opens the pathways up and opens up the thinking.”

“The healing aspect of taking a walk and being out in nature cannot be understated.”

“A lot of burnout, whether it’s career burnout or caregiver burnout, comes back to time management.”

“The ADHD world has heard the sleep speech, but it is very important. If you’re running on fumes, then you’re going to be short-tempered.”

“Build a habit of walking away, hitting the pause button.”


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