12 – Getting Your Child the Proper Testing with Piper Gibson
12 - Getting Your Child the Proper Testing with Piper Gibson
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

On this episode of the Soaring Child podcast, we had a conversation with Piper Gibson. Piper is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, and Micronutrient Specialist. She is also a mother of a diagnosed child and walks us through her tumultuous yet amazing journey.

We dive into the symptoms of tics, main drivers of inflammation, nutrigenomics testing, and how we can change the influence of our genes. Piper puts a strong emphasis on getting the proper testing done for your child in order to really decipher what is causing their neurological disorder. Testing can be expensive, but she also discusses what people can do to make it as cost-efficient as possible. The food our child eats and the environment in which they live has a lot to do with how they act. It can also be genetic, which is not something that is talked about often.

 Show Notes

[3:29] Connection between tics and ADHD

[4:35] Symptoms and dangers of tics

[7:28] Main drivers of inflammation

[8:52] What influences our genes and how we can change them

[12:32] What is nutrigenomics

[14:44] Tests for people with a limited budget

[17:12] There’s no one-size-fits-all diet

[18:40] Importance of maintaining dietary changes


Memorable quotes:
“When we talk about inflammation, it’s not just, oh I got inflammation in my pinky finger. It’s really systemic, perhaps our whole body.”

“It’s really a movement disorder and most symptoms happen facially. People are scrunching their faces and a lot of kids are jerking their necks or clapping their hands or rapid eye blinking.”

“Your environment plays a big role in how your body is going to function.”

“Really using the right test from the start and getting the right answers from somebody who knows how to analyze them is going to be worth any extra investment that you are going to make.”

“My first test would be a food sensitivity test just to really refine the diet.”

“I think that a huge part of the process for my clients is that it teaches their children how to listen to their body.”


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Piper Gibson is a Doctor of Advanced Holistic Nutrition, Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, and is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine. Piper helps scared, frustrated, and overwhelmed parents get access to the tools and education they need so they can start reducing their child’s tic disorder symptoms naturally.

She is an international best-selling author and the founder of Regenerating Health. Her foundational program teaches parents holistic methods that will restore their child’s health in the face of a potentially confusing and worrying diagnosis.

After going from stay-at-home mom to children’s holistic health expert, Piper has been able to help many families just like hers to gain control of their child’s tic disorder using food, functional lab testing, and natural approaches.


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