83 – Functional Lab Tests for ADHD with Dana Kay
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ADHD Thrive Institute
83 - Functional Lab Tests for ADHD with Dana Kay
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

If you have ever wondered about functional lab testing for ADHD, then this episode is for you. Dana Kay dives deep into her favorite functional lab tests. Tune in to discover:

✔️ Which lab tests Dana Kay recommends

✔️ Why she recommends these particular tests

✔️ What these tests can show us about your child and what’s going on inside their body

Dana Kay, the host of the Soaring Child podcast, is passionate about helping families reduce their kids’ ADHD symptoms using natural strategies. Medication is not the only way to help these children. She’s also a board certified holistic health and nutrition practitioner, but most importantly, she’s a mom of a 13 year old boy with ADHD who is thriving without medication, and she has years of experience helping other families do exactly the same.

Here are the links mentioned in this episode: 

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At-home Mold Test – https://immunolytics.com/?wpam_id=24
Kryptopyrrole Episode – https://adhdthriveinstitute.com/podcast/soaring-child-episode-70/
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 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[5:47] 4 Functional Lab Tests for Children with ADHD

[6:19] Test 1 – Stool Test & The Gut-Brain Connection

[9:03] Test 2 – Food Sensitivity Test & Leaky Gut

[14:50] Test 3 – Organic Acid Test & Mold

[22:37] Test 4 – Kryptopyrrole Test

[24:29] Summary of Top 4 Tests


Memorable Moments:

“Your child’s body will continue to act a certain way regardless of how many medicines or supplements you use if you don’t have a solid foundation of nutrition first.”

”Just as there are causes of the symptoms of a cough…like the flu or bronchitis or tuberculosis, there are causes of chronic disorders and illnesses….Symptoms are a warning sign from the body that something else is wrong, and the only way to address it is to get the body examined further, specifically with functional lab testing.”

”There is a very close connection between the gut and the brain, and one of the first signs of a disconnect in the brain is a gut that is not functioning well.”

”Food sensitivities are the direct result of something else that’s going on in the gut. Something is CAUSING the food sensitivities.”

”Food sensitivities are not true allergies but they do cause inflammation in the body and so you can actually heal from sensitivities.”

”Getting people better is better than prescribing a pill.”

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