64 – BRAIN Soul Success for ADHD with Louise Swartswalter
ADHD Thrive Institute
ADHD Thrive Institute
64 - BRAIN Soul Success for ADHD with Louise Swartswalter
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

What do energy fields have to do with the brain, and in particular, ADHD?

In this week’s episode of the Soaring Child podcast, Dr. Louise Swartswalter, transformational coach, speaker, teacher, naturopath and healer, joins me to discuss the brain and energy fields. Louise is the creator of the Brain Soul Success Academy and the B.R.A.I.N. system, which is a unique, multi-dimensional system that works on the mind, the body, the soul, and energetic fields all at the same time for quicker results.

Dr. Louise has 30 years of experience helping people achieve optimal brain power and success in life and business using a combination of tools.

In this episode, discover mind gems that can help balance the brain and walk through a sample BRAIN soul success balancing session.

Access the mind gems mentioned in the show at the following link – https://www.louiseswartswalter.com/mindgemsgift/

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[3:17] What led Louise to her work with the energetic system

[5:39] The B.R.A.I.N. system – Body detox, Release baggage, Align with spirit, and Integrate a New program

[12:02] Tips for parents to holistically support their kids with ADHD

[13:23] Sample mind gems to help balance the brain

[20:14] BRAIN Soul Success balancing session

[53:40] Where to find Louise online



Memorable Quotes:

“We are 99% space, and only 1% physical. And we hold the trauma in the spaces of the brain.” 

”Trauma can cause an illness.”

”What I found when I started doing the energy work with these kids is, it did allow their gift to shine in a different way.”

“For people to heal, we have to clear the shock.”

”ADHD is a gift. It’s the beautiful-ness in your child…and it totally can be changed.”

“It’s like sending a text message. Only you don’t need a phone. It’s energy.” 

”When our brain and soul are aligned is when we are our authentic self.”

”What BRAIN Soul Success is, I found out how we could actually realign the body, mind, spirit, and the energy field and dig out those traumas that are stuck in the spaces of the brain.”

”This is the missing piece. We have to clear the trauma in the brain.”

“You set the tone for your family.”

“As you change, the people around you will change.” 



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