51 – ADHD & Genetics with Kashif Khan
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51 - ADHD & Genetics with Kashif Khan
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

How do genes affect ADHD and other similar disorders? Is there an ADHD gene? What can we do to optimize our genes so that we are living our best lives possible? Why does data privacy matter with genetic testing?

Tune in to this episode of the Soaring Child Podcast to learn the answers to each of these questions.

Our guest today is Kashif Kahn, a Chief Executive Officer and founder of The DNA Company where personalized medicine is being pioneered through unique insights into the human genome. He also is the host of the UNPILLED podcast. His measure of success is not in dollars earned, but in lives improved.

Listen to this episode to learn how ADHD and genetics interact with one another.

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 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

5:42 – An explanation of genetic predispositions

8:58 – How the science of genetics has changed over the years

14:28 – Is there an ADHD gene?

18:40 – The 3% of people who actually have ADHD

25:49 – An explanation of the 3 buckets within epigenetics

29:18 – What people need to know about data privacy with genetic testing

34:46 – How to manage genetic expression

44:09 – How genes can cause toxins to affect one person in a home and not others in the home


Memorable Moments:

“A gene is an instruction that tells your cells what to do.”

“Even in ADHD, we don’t see one profile that points to it genetically. There are multiple, and none of them actually cause a clinical ADHD. They all cause behavior that gets diagnosed as ADHD but isn’t in fact that at all.”

“The majority of what we see in mood and behavior issues, including ADHD, people don’t innately have. They’re actually wired for some form of superpower and they’ve been put in the wrong context where they’re not using that superpower.”

“In the science of genetics, there are genes that they point to that are ADHD genes. The challenge is, that’s the 2 or 3% who innately have something…97% of our kids who are struggling were not born with the condition.”

“Our DNA is not ready for the way that we live…It’s no wonder everyone has ADHD and anxiety. We don’t have it. We have neural inflammation, we have the wrong context, we have overstimulation, we have overdepolyment of neurochemicals, which leads to all of these outward behaviors.”

“There are 3 buckets epigenetically: environment…nutrition…and lifestyle.”

“Pick the right lifestyle choice based on what your genes are saying.”

“The body is designed to handle toxins…It’s not designed to handle the current reality and the amount we have to handle.”



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