33 – A Natural Approach to Autism with Luminara Serdar
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33 - A Natural Approach to Autism with Luminara Serdar
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

On this week’s edition of Soaring Child, we’re joined by Luminara Serdar, an autism recovery expert who helps parents discover and address the root causes of behavior so that their children can be calm and happy.

She discovered the neuromodulation technique at the recommendation of another parent to treat her own allergies. Soon she realized that it could help kids with autism in many ways. Neuromodulation works by giving the body a therapeutic intention to shift by finding errors that the nervous or the immune system is making and correcting them. It’s a new way to make the brain work.

Luminara explains that we have to train the brain to think there’s a different way to do things by identifying the errors and correcting them. It is literally an intention. The body is asked questions through muscle testing and it responds through strong or weak reactions, using the subconscious mind. It’s also important to use drainage and detoxification to get rid of toxins and waste that’s clogged in the body and disrupts our biochemistry. Many of these toxins come from diet and environment – everything from plastics to body products to air fresheners.

When these steps are taken, inflammation in the body goes down, better sleep increases, and a child with ADHD or autism can learn how to become calmer and happier. Remember to keep a calm energy as a parent and maintain a safe environment for your child.

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[4:40] How Luminara started working with kids with autism

[7:33] What neuromodulation technique actually is

[10:00] How to retrain your body to feel something different

[14:33] Other techniques used to help kids with autism

[25:04] Toxins that are in our everyday environment

[32:10] The importance of taking binders on a regular basis



Memorable Quotes:

“I think we need to get our kids off this chronic illness cycle by helping them to stay cleaner and have a lifestyle that sustains them, not overwhelms them.”

“Allergies are very tied to emotion, and emotions can really affect allergy behavior. So it’s all tied in. It’s very holistic.”

“What I realized is these kids, at least the ones I get that I work with, are super toxic. They have a full bucket, and it’s hard to get more in there. That’s when I started focusing on drainage and detoxification.”

“The more you take the stuff out of their bodies, the less they want to sit on the iPads, the less they want to look at technology, and the more ability they have to take in the world around them.”

“Symptoms like hyperactivity, tantrums, and meltdowns are warning signs from the body that something else is wrong, and that’s their way of saying, ‘Mom, Dad, there’s something wrong with me.’”

“This was my biggest lesson being a parent. My biggest lesson in life is how to shift my mindset, how to really approach things in a different way.”


How to connect with Luminara:


Luminara’s Toxic Products Scavenger Hunt List – https://autismtransformed.com/dana-kay-podcast-landing/


To rate cleaning products and water – https://www.ewg.org


Guest Resources:

Luminara Serdar is an autism recovery expert, helping parents discover and address the root causes of their child’s challenging autism behaviors so that a child can be calm, happy, develop to peer level and gain independence. And so parents can feel competent, empowered and happy. She’s trained as a scientist in genetics, cell biology and biochemistry, as a functional nutritionist and holistic healer. She works with clients throughout the world using nutrition, opening body systems and removing toxic buildup to help shift autism behaviors.


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