21 – Eczema & ADHD with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple
21 - Eczema & ADHD with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

Dr. Ana-Maria Temple is a holistic pediatrician, best-selling author, mother of 3, and award-winning speaker. In this episode, she shares what eczema is and how to prevent and cure it. She also speaks about the dangers of mold toxicity and how to start the process of food elimination. Just when we think we know about the boundaries of ADHD, we get reminded that it can expand to other different types of illnesses in the body.

Skin health is just as important as brain and gut health because our skin is an external reflection of our inner body. Healing the skin starts with healing the gut and the brain. Tune in to find out more about eczema and find ways to fight and prevent it!

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[3:38] What eczema is and how it is correlated with ADHD

[6:33] Prescribed medicine for eczema

[12:35] Quebec Ice Storm study

[14:40] The condition of the skin is a reflection of the condition of the gut

[22:24] Detrimental effects of mold on the skin and lungs

[28:28] There is no simple solution to curing eczema


Memorable Quotes:

“Eczema is usually red, patchy… it looks like flame, it looks like red hot lava (I’m a pediatrician, so I talk in kid terminology). A lot of times in babies, we’ll see their cheeks be red hot lava… eczema is when those red cheeks don’t go away and they get worse and worse.”

“Now we’re eating strawberries and now the red cheeks are flaring even more, now we’re eating bananas and avocado (and I’m not beating up on food, I’m just giving examples). And then all of a sudden, the redness from the cheeks is now red hot lava neck.”

“We have kids that have dry skin but it’s not just dry skin. It’s dry skin and then they sit and they scratch and they dig and they have trouble sleeping at night and they’re crying throughout the day. It seems whatever they eat, they flare up. They go outside, they flare up.”

“I get very weary because a lot of the prescribed medications are topical steroids, oral antibiotics, and of course, the latest and greatest, Dupixent – and I say that with a lot of sarcasm.”

“Modern medicine does work for some people but we’re talking ‘some people,’ and turning it into all people… we do not have this much data on this medication; we do not know the long-term effects of Dupixent.”

“What a lot of people don’t know is that the medications that are linked to the increased appearance of eczema is actually Tylenol. We give babies Tylenol and it’s no big deal… Teething is overly diagnosed by the parents because they want to put a name to the fussiness. And then they’re like, ‘Let me give them Tylenol.’ Tylenol is sugar and food dyes.”

“They took the pregnant ladies that were displaced in the ice storm and these mamas had to live with cousins and uncles… and they compared these moms to other pregnant moms in Canada. They followed them around for 15 years and they looked to see what was the endpoint? Did anything happen to their children? And they saw an increase in ADHD, neurological developmental issues, delay in neurocognitive function, speech delays, verbal delays, autism, eczema, asthma, diabetes, and cancer.”

“Without healing the gut, paying attention to what’s in your child’s diet, in your own diet if you’re nursing, it is very difficult to cure the skin with just a cream.”
“I’m not saying no to processed foods. It’s how much are you really having and then we’re going to turn those around and read the ingredients. If you can’t read it, don’t eat it.”


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Dr. Ana Maria Temple is a holistic pediatrician, best selling author, mother of 3, an award winning speaker at Harvard Club of Boston, and has had over 100 TV News and Podcast appearances. From 2016-2017 she lived and worked in the New Zealand medical system where she started putting functional medicine into practice. In her 22 year career she has treated over 36,000 patients in person and hundreds via online courses. Her passion is to inspire, educate and empower mamas to revamp their families health and prevent children from developing chronic disease.


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