115 – Parasites in Kids with ADHD with Sinclair Kennally
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115 - Parasites in Kids with ADHD with Sinclair Kennally
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

Parasites are organisms that depend on a host to survive and spread. Could your child with ADHD have parasites that are affecting not only their ADHD symptoms but also their overall health and wellbeing? Find out in this episode where guest Sinclair Kennally joins the show.

Sinclair is a Traditional Naturopath. She’s the co-founder of MeditationRx and CEO of Detox RejuveNation. She’s not only an expert on chronic digestive disorders but also a passionate believer that toxins, including those from parasites, are at the root of many health epidemics today. Along with her partner, Michael Spandel, Sinclair has turned her own journey through complex chronic illness into a mission to help thousands reclaim their health and vitality.

In this episode, Sinclair helps us understand more about what parasites are, how they differ in kids and adults, the symptoms to watch out for, and what we can do about it.

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 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:
[3:45] What are parasites, and how do they get into the body?
[5:14] What makes a good host for a parasite?
[8:37] How do parasites affect kids differently than adults?
[10:02] Common symptoms of parasites
[14:02] How parasites are treated in traditional medicine
[17:43] How families can identify parasites
[22:46] What steps to take if you suspect parasites
[30:44] Where to find Sinclair online

Memorable Moments:
”It’s really actually not unusual to be exposed to parasites.”

“You can get parasites all over the globe.”

”They’re a part of nature, as are we. The question is, are you a good host and is your child a good host for them? And are they allowed to set up shop or can you and your child fend them off appropriately with a strong immune system?”

”If your toxin bucket is full – if your stress bucket is full – you are a better match to parasites.”

”Parasites…are also highly neurotoxic. Those neurotoxic side effects are going to present differently in children than they would in adults and in the elderly.”

”Parasites do have a consciousness…they are always fighting back.”

”ADHD, ADD, anxiety presenting in children is often a misunderstood response to parasites and to gut disruption.”

”Your pediatrician is fundamentally not prepared to assess this, and it’s not their fault.”

”I always recommend – wherever possible – a whole family approach because exposure happens in families typically.”

”If you’re willing to assess your child, please be willing to assess yourself as well.”


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