113 – The ADHD Shrapnel Effect, Part 1: One of Dana Kay’s Favorite Interviews in Her Whole Career
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ADHD Thrive Institute
113 - The ADHD Shrapnel Effect, Part 1: One of Dana Kay’s Favorite Interviews in Her Whole Career
Tips to Help You NOT Blame Your Child with ADHD

Recently, Dana Kay was interviewed by Perry from The Success Blueprint Podcast, and it was one of her absolute favorite interviews ever. It was so impactful and different from any other discussion she’s had before that she knew she had to bring it here as well.

In this episode, Dana and Perry discussed topics like:

✅ The #1 Magic Ingredient to Reduced ADHD Symptoms

✅ Why We Want & Need ‘Boring’

✅ The Shrapnel Effect of ADHD

✅ Why Americans Keep Getting Sicker

✅ And much more!

Link Mentioned in the Show: 

 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

[4:35] Dana’s own story with her son’s ADHD diagnosis

[8:48] What is ADHD, and what causes it?

[15:36] What Dana would say to those who don’t buy into natural strategies

[20:23] Why “boring” is actually a really good thing in families of kids with ADHD

[22:45] The “shrapnel effect” of ADHD

[30:35] Why Americans keep getting sicker and other countries don’t experience this same thing

[40:17] What are the specific steps in Dana’s plan to reduce ADHD symptoms?

[42:58] The gut-brain connection

[48:45] The 3 worst foods & best foods for ADHD kids to eat

[55:41] Additional lifestyle changes that families need to make

Memorable Moments:

”ADHD is actually one of the most common mental disorders affecting children. Just in the USA alone, there’s over 6 million children that have been diagnosed, and 3/4 of them are receiving treatment of strong medication and/or behavior therapy.”

”ADHD symptoms can be reduced – not just from medications. There are other strategies out there that can help a child thrive without just pounding on different medications and dealing with the side effects.”

”Just the basic day-to-day life without constant ups and downs and tension was all I wanted.”

”Inflammation leads to difficult ADHD symptoms.”

”Our bodies have these pathways called detoxification pathways that clean out that trash – those toxins, those viruses, that bacteria, foreign substances that are really affecting our body, affecting our kid’s body.”

”The way that wheat is processed in the USA today is so different to how it was…hundreds of years ago.”

”There are artificial dyes that are banned in Canada, Europe, and Australia but they’re allowed here in the food supply of the USA without a second thought.”

”When families make this change – that follow my plan – it’s not just the child that starts to thrive. It’s the whole family.”

”The importance of diet in ADHD, it isn’t just anecdotal. There is a lot of scientific research out there…There is a clear link between certain foods and ADHD symptoms.”

Lab testing “is that really valuable tool to look beneath the surface and identify specific challenges with that gut or other areas that may be contributing to ADHD.”

”We as parents hold the key to our child’s nervous system until they are 18 years old. So they actually borrow our nervous system to regulate themselves.”

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