Parent ADHD Support Facebook Group (and why you should join)

👪  Parenting a child with ADHD is HARD! 

It’s even more difficult when you’re doing it alone. 

I know because that’s what I did for years. I walked the journey with my son completely alone. I filtered through articles about ADHD for hours on end, and I tried more supplements than you can imagine, just hoping that something would help our family. 

What I didn’t do for the longest time was reach out for support from other parents of kids with ADHD. Parents who GOT it. Parents who understood the daily struggles I was facing. Parents who were – like me – trying to help their child with ADHD. 

That’s why, when I finally learned how to naturally reduce my son’s ADHD symptoms, I was determined to make sure no one else had to walk this journey alone.

I created a free Facebook group that has grown to over 15,000 parents of children with ADHD. This group offers the support I wished for when I first began the journey with my son. 

Come join us! 💖 💖

You’ll find a safe place to voice fears and concerns, get advice, grab ADHD-friendly recipes, and ask questions about everything ADHD-related. 

Check it out and join for free here:  

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