A little over a year ago, we released the book, Thriving with ADHD: A Guide to Naturally Reducing ADHD Symptoms in Your Child

Since that time, this book has become an international bestseller. It has over 70 Amazon reviews with an average rating of over 4.5 stars. 


There are still so many families out there who do not realize that it’s possible to reduce ADHD symptoms naturally, so I’m requesting your help. 

Your voice is needed. 


The Ripple Effect of Your Words:

Every review posted on Amazon creates a ripple effect that touches the lives of countless readers. 

Your genuine thoughts and insights about Thriving with ADHD can inspire other parents to discover the transformative power of natural approaches for managing ADHD. 

Reviews have the power to bring hope to families who might be struggling and searching for answers. By sharing your experience, you play an integral role in building a supportive and informed community, fostering a sense of camaraderie, and empowering others to seek out valuable resources.


Boosting Visibility and Credibility:

Amazon reviews play a crucial role in boosting the visibility and credibility of a book. 

Positive reviews demonstrate to potential readers that Thriving with ADHD is not just another book, but a truly valuable and impactful resource. 

As more readers share their positive experiences, the book gains greater visibility, reaching a wider audience. 

This, in turn, allows more families to access the knowledge and insights they need to navigate the challenges of ADHD.


Constructive Feedback for Improvement:

Feedback is a gift, and your honest reviews provide authors like me with valuable insights into what resonated with you and how the book may have impacted your journey. 

Your constructive feedback helps us continuously improve our work and cater to the specific needs of our readers. We cherish every comment, as it guides us in creating future editions that are even more impactful, comprehensive, and tailored to support you and your family better.


Empowering Authors to Advocate:

Your reviews are a testament to the importance of the topic we address and the need for more resources in the ADHD community. 

Positive feedback gives authors like me the fuel we need to keep advocating, raising awareness, and researching innovative solutions for families navigating ADHD. 

It empowers us to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new ways to help children with ADHD thrive in all aspects of life.

By leaving a review for the book on Amazon, you can amplify its impact and contribute to a community that uplifts, empowers, and supports one another. Your words have the power to inspire hope, change lives, and create a brighter future for families affected by ADHD.

So, I humbly request you to take a few moments to share your thoughts and experiences by writing a review for Thriving with ADHD. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of countless families, guiding them towards natural solutions that promote well-being and resilience in the face of ADHD. 

As a thank you, if you send me a screenshot of your review, you will be entered to win one of my favorite supplement bundles (worth over $100). 


Just leave a review of the book on Amazon and then send me a screenshot of your review to be entered to win! 

That’s it. Easy-peasy! 

Two lucky winners (who send me Screenshots of their book reviews) will receive a Top Two Supplement Bundle, worth over $100 each. 

This bundle includes both my favorite Omega and my favorite Magnesium, two supplements that are very beneficial for children with ADHD! 

Thanks again for your support in making Thriving with ADHD a bestseller!


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