Years ago, as a parent seeking guidance on supporting my son with ADHD naturally, I found myself disappointed by the lack of resources available.

Unable to find the book I needed, I took matters into my own hands and wrote Thriving with ADHD: A Guide to Naturally Reducing ADHD Symptoms in Your Child.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that our book is turning one this month! 

Join me as we celebrate this milestone and reflect on the impact it has made in the lives of families dealing with ADHD.

Since its release, “Thriving with ADHD” has been embraced by parents and professionals alike, becoming an international bestseller in multiple categories, including the esteemed position of #1 in children’s health. 

This achievement speaks volumes about the demand for comprehensive, actionable information that empowers parents to support their children with ADHD in a natural and effective way.


Save the Date:

To commemorate the first birthday of Thriving with ADHD, I invite you to join me for a special live event inside my free ADHD parent support group on Facebook

Mark your calendars for Friday, July 28th at 5pm PT/7pm CT/8pm ET, where we’ll come together for an engaging and enlightening celebration. (Plus, there will be GIVEAWAYS!) 


What to Expect:

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can look forward to:

🎂 GIVEAWAYS: Participate in our live session for a chance to win exclusive prizes. 

🎂 ADHD Must-Know Tips and Tricks: I’ll be sharing valuable insights, strategies, and practical advice to help you navigate the challenges of parenting a child with ADHD.

🎂 Lots of Fun: We believe in the power of joy and laughter. Prepare to have a great time as we come together as a community of support.


Join the Celebration:

To ensure you don’t miss out on the festivities, I encourage you to join my Facebook group today. 

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It’s a welcoming space where you can connect with like-minded parents, find valuable resources, and stay updated on all things related to ADHD support.

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Don’t worry if you haven’t read the book yet! Everyone is welcome to join in the celebration! 

However, if you’re interested, you can find Thriving with ADHD on Amazon by clicking here


Want to learn more about the book? 

In chapter 1, we explore the backbone of natural ADHD symptom reduction: why it works and what the science and real life experience has taught me. 

In chapters 2 and 3, you’ll learn what foods to eat for ADHD, as well as what foods to avoid and why. 

In chapters 4 and 5, I’ll clear up any confusion you might have about superfoods, genetically modified organisms, and organic produce. 

In chapter 6, I’ll provide a step-by-step guide to meal planning to remove all the stress and confusion of this often-dreaded task. 

In chapter 7, I’ll help you avoid the trap that many caregivers I work with fall into. These caregivers think their children are completely gluten-free, only to realize shortly thereafter that there are hidden sources of gluten lurking in their pantry and keeping them from seeing the progress they want to see. 

Then, in chapter 8, we’ll talk about supplements. 

In chapters 9 and 10, we’ll explore some of the most common obstacles caregivers of children with ADHD run into when they begin changing their diet. Challenges like picky eating, financial barriers, difficult family members or friends, and a host of other obstacles. 

Finally, in chapters 11 and 12, we’ll look at what to do when a caregiver makes all of these changes and their child is still struggling. It would be nice if we could do one thing that was guaranteed to work. Just change the food you eat, and your child will no longer struggle. I wish I could make that promise. 

Unfortunately, that’s not reality because every child is different, every family is different, and every circumstance is unique. Our children with ADHD are whole people, so sometimes, just changing the food they eat isn’t enough. 

Sometimes, we need to dig a little deeper for underlying stressors in their unique bodies. 

Or, sometimes, we need to look at how we interact as a family. Is it possible that the family has developed new ways of interacting with one another that aren’t exactly healthy? We will look at these issues – and more – in the final couple of chapters. 

PLUS, when you pick up your copy of the book, you also gain access to a ton of FREE resources, including…



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