Can ADHD be cured? 

A simple Google search for that question will tell you that most experts agree that ADHD can’t be cured. 


And this is critical…


That DOES NOT mean that the symptoms cannot be reduced. 

It also DOES NOT mean that everyone who is diagnosed with ADHD actually has ADHD. 


I interviewed genetic expert and founder of The DNA Company, Kashif Khan, not too long ago, and by his estimation, only about 3% of people diagnosed with chronic conditions were actually born with them. 

That means that about 97% of our kids who have ADHD or a similar condition were not born with it. Instead, something in their lifestyles or environments is creating it! 🤯🤯🤯

So that begs the question…

WHAT is creating the ADHD symptoms for that 97%? 


In my experience working with over 1000 families of children with ADHD, I’ve learned what the primary driver is, and TODAY, I’m sharing that secret with you! 

Are you ready for it????


Research has shown that inflammation in the body can lead to ADHD-like symptoms, even in individuals who do not have the condition. Additionally, for those who do have ADHD, inflammation can make the symptoms worse. Therefore, reducing inflammation can be a key factor in reducing ADHD symptoms.

The next question, then, is:

HOW do we reduce inflammation in the body? 

Answering that question is the central focus of my ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program. 

Because inside that program, we help you get to the underlying stressors of ADHD…stressors such as: 

👉 Inflammation in the Body

👉 Leaky Gut

👉 Parasites

👉 Food sensitivities

👉 Bacterial Overgrowth

👉 Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency

👉 Environmental toxins  



These factors can all contribute to inflammation in the body, which can lead to ADHD symptoms.

One way to address these stressors is through the ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program. This program is designed to help families get to the underlying stressors of ADHD and reduce inflammation in the body. 

By addressing these factors, families can work towards reducing or even eliminating ADHD symptoms.

The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program focuses on a holistic approach to ADHD management, addressing not only the physical factors that contribute to inflammation but also the emotional and environmental factors that can impact ADHD symptoms. By taking a comprehensive approach to ADHD management, families can achieve long-lasting results.

So if you’re sick of challenging ADHD symptoms wreaking havoc on your entire family, and you’re ready to start getting rid of that inflammation (and thus reducing those symptoms – or sometimes even getting rid of them completely!), then the ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids might be right for you.

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In conclusion, while ADHD cannot be cured, per say, the symptoms can be managed and reduced. 

By focusing on reducing inflammation in the body, families can take a significant step towards managing ADHD symptoms. 

The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program is one option for families who are looking for a holistic approach to ADHD management that can lead to long-lasting results.

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