Does your child struggle with morning, afternoon, or bedtime routines? Are transitions a serious trigger point for your child? 

Have difficult ADHD symptoms zapped the fun out of parenting!?

If so, keep reading! 

One of the challenges of having a neurodiverse child is that sometimes difficult ADHD symptoms can make everyday tasks a challenge. 

I remember years ago when my son was really struggling, I told my husband one night that I just didn’t like my son. 

I loved him, but I didn’t like him. 

I had lost my joy. 

So what do you do when all the joy has disappeared from parenting? 

My suggestion is to try rituals! 

Build them right into the daily routines, use them to support a transition point, OR create some new mini traditions to add some joy back into your family’s life!

Rituals can have a powerful impact on the dysregulated ADHD child’s nervous system by making your child feel contained and safe. This is because over time rituals become predictable and fun and build connection within the family!

AND rituals help soothe and regulate your child’s highly overactive and sensitive nervous system!

Family rituals promote a sense of belonging and identity and give children structure and a sense of security and are especially important in attachment development in children.

Research shows that children from families who have meaningful rituals actually do better academically and socially!

PLUS…rituals can be a really fun way to bring that joy back into parenting!  


Some examples of rituals are:

👪Singing and dance time as a family 

👪Popcorn family movie nights 

👪Family game nights

👪Bike rides/park time each Saturday

👪Pancake Sundays (monthly or weekly)

👪Fun handshakes 

👪Yearly holidays, camping trips, or vacations 

👪Birthday and holiday traditions 

👪Baking and cooking time as a family 

👪Cultural traditions

👪Bath time (yes, this can be a fun ritual, rather than a dreaded task!) 

👪Story time (where the caregiver reads the story book to the child with fun tones- which is different to using the time to ‘teach’ kids how to read and sound out words)


Which of these fun family rituals can you incorporate into your family? 

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