Have you ever had a wake-up call that turned your world upside down? 


For me, it was the day my son had a complete meltdown in the middle of Costco, kicking a jar of spaghetti sauce and shattering it on the floor. 

That was the day I said, enough is enough. 

Something HAS GOT to change! 

We can’t keep living like this, in a perpetual state of chaos. 

I have a feeling you can relate to this “something has to change” feeling because I think all of us have felt it at some point or another.

For me, that day DID change everything. It sent me down the road I’m on today, helping others learn how to naturally reduce ADHD symptoms. 

BUT, the road for me was LONG and incredibly difficult. 

I did it alone…

No coach…

No guide…

No support…

There were some days that it was all just too much. 

I remember one time, rolling into a ball on my  bedroom floor on the verge of a panic attack because of the overwhelm I was feeling. 

Can you relate to these feelings of overwhelm? 👆 

Sterling could definitely relate. 
















Her son was kicked out of first grade. 

Yes, you read that right. Kicked out of first grade! 


Two months later, he was like a completely different child! 

One question I get asked often is this: “Do I really need a program? Couldn’t I just make all of these changes you are suggesting on my own?” 

The truth is, you absolutely can do it alone.


I wouldn’t suggest it. 

It was the MOST overwhelming, stressful thing I have ever done. 

Making dietary changes, spending HOURS online trying to figure out which “solution” we were going to try next, fighting with my kids and my husband over all of the changes we were making, wasting THOUSANDS of dollars on therapies, supplements, and new treatments that didn’t work. 

It was SO difficult! 

AND it took a lot of time. Time that I could have spent enjoying my family. 

So, yes, you can go it alone. (And if that’s what you decide to do, I wish you the absolute best of luck!) 


If you want to speed up the process and save yourself both time and money, then I would be honored to work with you to help you get results FASTER.

The fastest (and least stressful) way to begin seeing results in your home is with two things: 


👉 A plan 


👉 And a guide


The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids –  my exclusive program for parents of kids with ADHD –  gives you both of these things.

PLUS, it also gives you a community of like-minded parents who are learning right alongside of you how to reduce ADHD symptoms naturally. 

AND, it gives you access to parents who have already been through the program – who remember how hard it was at the beginning but also know what it takes to get to the other side. 

These moms remember how hard it was when their childrens’ ADHD symptoms were at their worst. 

But  now, they have HOPE because they have seen the dramatic changes themselves. 👇

















So if you want to get off the emotional rollercoaster… if you want to stop wasting HOURS of your life searching Google for answers…if you want to finally have both a plan and a guide, then…


Let’s talk! 



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