When my son was first diagnosed with ADHD, the doctor only told us about one treatment option – medication. 

Now, I’m not against medication. It definitely has its time and place. 

But we were NEVER told about ANY other strategies that might work just as well (or in some cases, even better) than medication. 

So we followed our doctor’s advice and started my son on the prescribed medication. 

Shortly thereafter, my son’s dosage increased. 

Then, he began experiencing side effects. 

The doctor’s answer to the side effects? 

You guessed it, more medication. 

And then when new side effects popped up, he suggested another prescription. 

By the time my son’s doctor was suggesting a fourth medication for my young son, I knew something had to change. 

I started doing my own research on other, more natural strategies and was surprised at some of the findings. I discovered that there are, in fact, natural strategies for ADHD that can be very effective. 

At our next appointment, when I asked my son’s doctor about how food might affect his symptoms, he told me….

“That won’t work. Don’t waste your time!” 

WHAT? ???

Even though there ARE studies showing that natural strategies can be VERY effective at reducing ADHD symptoms, my son’s doctor was used to the old medical paradigm that focuses more on treatment than on prevention. 

This paradigm focuses on symptoms, rather than on underlying stressors. It’s a dream of mine for this paradigm to shift, and I can see it beginning to occur. 

More and more people are discovering the powerful effects of nutrition. 

More and more people are beginning to push back from the “pop a pill” mentality. 

And more and more people are beginning to want to identify NOT only something that will relieve symptoms, BUT ALSO something that will prevent these symptoms from happening in the first place. 

When I spoke with Dr. Joel Warsh about his passion for integrative medicine, I was blown away by his approach! 

Dr. Warsh wants to change the medical paradigm too. He wants to shift the focus from treatment to prevention. 

And he wants to help families discover how they can get to a place in their lives where less medicine is needed.

In this recent Soaring Child Ambassador YouTube video, Dr. Warsh hits on the following topics: 

✔️ The typical medical paradigm that is more focused on treatment than on prevention 

✔️ When medication should be used 

✔️ Why Dr. Warsh became an integrative pediatrician 

✔️ What integrative medicine entails 

✔️ One patient’s story of natural strategies effectively reducing his ADHD symptoms

✔️ Dr. Warsh’s advice for parents of children with ADHD

Tune in to this powerful video here

I loved everything about this interview, including the framed quote in the background. 

Did you catch it? 

It says, “The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.” 

Hopefully, with people like Dr. Warsh leading the way, that old medical paradigm is shifting. 



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