Common ADHD Myths

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Have you ever heard any of these myths about ADHD? 


Myth #1: ADHD is NOT a real medical condition. 

If you have ADHD or have a child with ADHD, you know just how real it is and how much it affects just about every single aspect of your daily life. 

TRUTH: ADHD is a recognizable, true medical condition. In fact, it’s one of the most common ones in children in the USA. 


Myth #2: ADHD is just bad behavior. 

TRUTH: Children with ADHD are just like other children. They want to do well, but many times can’t. They aren’t bad, but are instead lacking some important skills. 


Myth #3: People with ADHD are just lazy. 

TRUTH: ADHD has nothing to do with laziness or motivation. It has everything to do with the brain and how it functions. 


Myth #4: It’s not ADHD; it’s bad parenting. 

TRUTH: ADHD isn’t caused by bad parenting. It’s caused by brain differences. 

If you’re a parent of a child with ADHD, you probably already know that you’ve tried every parenting strategy the “experts” suggest, and my guess is, it didn’t work. 

Your child doesn’t struggle because of a lack of parenting effort on your part. They struggle because their brain functions differently. 


Myth #5: The ONLY effective treatment option is medication. 

When my son was first diagnosed with ADHD, the doctor only told us about one treatment option – medication. 

Now, I’m not against medication. It definitely has its time and place. 

But we were NEVER told about ANY other treatments that might work just as well (or dare I say it, even better at times) than medication. 

In fact, when I asked my son’s doctor about how food might affect his symptoms, he told me….

“That won’t work. Don’t waste your time!” 


Have you been told this common myth too? That the ONLY way to reduce symptoms is through medication? That food and other natural strategies are just a waste of time? 

Well, in light of ADHD Awareness Month, I’m here to break that myth apart. 

TRUTH: It IS possible to reduce ADHD symptoms using natural strategies.  

In fact, in my son, ADHD medication led to severe side effects, whereas natural strategies led to FREEDOM from symptoms. 

But don’t just take my word for it.

?Read about the changes these 4 families saw using natural strategies! ?

October is ADHD awareness month, so I wanted to share this post to dispel some of the common myths about ADHD. 

But the truth is, there are several more I didn’t mention in this post. 

ADHD is one of those things that is often misunderstood. 

Have you ever felt judged because of your child’s behaviors that relate to their ADHD? If so, you’re not alone. 

That’s actually why I created my program, the ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids. It’s designed FOR parents of children with ADHD BY a parent of a child with ADHD. 

I get what it feels like to have a child with ADHD…how lonely it can feel at times, how isolating, how discouraging. 

And I don’t want anyone else to continue to feel that way if I can help it. And I am confident I can help YOU!  

It is possible to have a child with ADHD and find freedom from symptoms without medication. 

In fact, I’m so confident that I opened up a bunch of time in my calendar this week to chat with several of you about how our process can help you find relief from common ADHD symptoms using natural methods.* 


Take a couple of minutes today to schedule a free ADHD Thrive Breakthrough call

There are absolutely no strings attached to this call, and it is 100% free. We’ll simply chat about how we can help you find freedom from ADHD symptoms, and we’ll answer any questions you might have. 

Talk to you soon! 


*Many families wonder if they have to stop medication before working with me. Absolutely not! We have some families who come to us hoping to avoid meds or because (like my family) medication caused side effects, but we also have other families who are already taking meds and hope to reduce the dosage or make the medication more effective. We love working with both! 



Want to know more about how we can help YOU get to a place of peace and calm with your child using natural strategies?

Let’s talk! 

Book your free call with one of my expert team members to help you take your next step toward a healthier, happier home. There is absolutely NO RISK. It’s free, and there are no obligations. All we will do is chat about how we can help you get to where you want to go!

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Alternatively, for more details about how you can help reduce your child’s ADHD symptoms, sign up for my free online webinar today here.

And as always, I am not a medical doctor and the above post is based on my experience. No information on this site should be relied upon to make a medical diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure any disease or medical condition. 



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Book your free call with one of my expert team members to help you take your next step toward a healthier, happier home. There is absolutely NO RISK. It’s free, and there are no obligations. All we will do is chat about how we can help you get to where you want to go!