It’s that time of year again – Cold and Flu Season

Here are some tips that I share with my clients every year about how to naturally boost immunity and keep those cold and flu bugs away.

Let’s talk about prevention first. 

Here are some tips that can help you NOT get a cold or flu in the first place.


Top Ways to Naturally Boost Immunity: 



Optimal sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. 

Wash those hands: 

We all know how important this is, especially after the last year and half we have been through. But it’s still a good reminder! Wash those hands, and do your best not to touch your face. 

Take the right supplements: 

One of my favorites for immune boosting is Paleovalley’s Essential C Complex

Vitamin C increases the activity of our white blood cells, including antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities. 

Avoid sugar and eat well: 

The more sugar we eat, the less we are able to absorb Vitamin C, and we all know how important Vitamin C is to immune function. 

I also suggest that during cold and flu season, you eat more immune-enhancing foods like red peppers and cucumber. 

Manage stress: 

There is no greater hindrance to our health than stress. So give yourself permission to watch that comedy, go for a walk, sit in a sauna, stretch or breathe deeply. After all, you are boosting your immune function! 

Now, if you are already down with a cold or the flu, here are some natural alternatives you could consider that will help boost your immune system and get over those quickly. 


Top Ways to Kick Those Cold & Flu Germs to the Curb FAST! 


Elderberry is a really good one to take when you are sick. It is believed to reduce the severity and duration of the sickness if taken within 48 hours of the first symptoms. 

Echinacea drops

Some studies have shown that this herb can make you feel better faster when you are sick. 


MegaCidin is a throat spray that supports immune function using probiotic spores, along with an herbal blend that contains milk thistle, echinacea, goldenseal, shiitake extract, white willow bark, garlic, grape seed extract, black walnut, tea tree oil, oregano oil, and others. 

Some trials on this suggest that it can support the immune system in as little as 30 minutes after spraying into the mouth. 


Zinc is also great for when you are sick. Some studies have found that zinc lozenges may reduce the duration of a cold, perhaps by a day or so, and may reduce the number of upper respiratory infections in children. 

Zinc has been shown to be essential in neurocognitive health, wound and scar healing, and immune system defense against invading bacteria and viruses.

Vitamin D

Take Vitamin D in a higher dose when you are sick. New studies suggest that people with low blood levels of vitamin D are more likely to get sick. Researchers think that vitamin D may play a role in boosting immunity.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for a healthy immune system. 

It is known as an anti-inflammation vitamin because of its critical role in enhancing immune function. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is probably the supplement that most people think of when they think of immune boosting supplements, and for good reason! 

Vitamin C increases the activity of our white blood cells, including antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities. 

High dosing vitamin C while you are sick can be really helpful. 

A good quality probiotic

Probiotics help to balance the gut microbiome, which improves not only digestion but immunity as well. That’s why these are also really great to take when you are feeling under the weather. 

Now the kids might not like the flavor of this one but I have to tell you it packs a punch for sure. It is made from apple cider vinegar, honey, horseradish root, garlic, onion, ginger root, and cayenne powder.

It is meant to boost the body’s immune system so it can fight off illness.  It’s also meant to improve blood circulation and digestion, among other benefits. This one can be taken while sick but also used as a preventative. 

Give these tips and tricks a try, and hopefully you will be healthy all winter long! 



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