As a mom of a child with ADHD, getting out the door in the morning before school used to be a huge struggle for our family, especially during the months of August and September when we were readjusting to the school routine. 

Our mornings were often anything but calm. 

Just getting him fed and dressed was a fight each and every day. 

I cannot even count the number of times that my son (and sometimes me too!) was in tears by the time we made it to school. 

But that all changed when we incorporated some strategies into our morning routine. 

Try out these quick tips to make back to school mornings easier, and let me know if they help! 

5 Tips to Make Mornings Easier: 
⏰ If you don’t already have a routine, set one. 

Children (especially those with ADHD) often thrive under routines, so make sure the morning routine is similar each day. 

Visual schedules tend to work very well with kids with ADHD, because they help them know exactly what comes next.

⏰ Get as much done the night before as possible! 

Set clothes out, prep breakfast, pack school lunches, and shower all the night before instead of in the morning. 

The less a child has to do in the morning, the smoother it will be! 

⏰ Be consistent! 

Consistency is key. Maintain the SAME schedule on weekends and holidays. That way, there’s no starting over each Monday morning. 

Now, there will be days when life happens…school is canceled, plans change, items get added or removed from the calendar last minute. We can’t always control what’s happening, but these consistent routines will help our kids know what’s coming most of the time. 

⏰Provide breakfast first thing. 

By providing a HEALTHY breakfast (full of protein and healthy fats) first thing upon rising, parents can regulate blood sugar.

The importance of blood sugar management is often overlooked as it is most recognizably noted for people with diabetes. But blood sugar management is important for EVERYONE, whether they have diabetes or not. 

Unstable blood sugars contribute to a whole host of problems, such as an inability to focus, hyperactivity, anxiety, etc. 

⏰Build in time for connection in the morning. 

Instead of rushing out the door, build in 10-15 minutes for connection. Once everyone is ready, sit down and read a book together or chat. 

That time of connection is a vital piece of the puzzle when creating a calmer home, and in my experience, is often overlooked by many parents. 

Anything else you would add to the list below? Tell us in the comments, so we can help each other out! 



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