I LOVE this text thread between Laura and her husband Nick! 

It is seriously the best! 

“Remember when we used to be sweaty and nervous before IEP meetings?”

A wife shares a message with her husband via text that expresses her relief for no longer getting the nervous sweats before a Parent Teacher meeting for their ADHD child.

They just had what she described as a “love fest” at her child’s IEP meeting. 

?That’s what my program can give you: meetings with the school that don’t make you nervous and sweaty anymore ?

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Here’s what will happen on our call:


Step 1: Goal Assessment 

We’ll chat about your specific goals and why you want to reach them, as well as what might have prevented you from reaching them up to this point.  


Step 2: Evaluate Past Attempts

Next, we’ll talk about what you have tried in the past and why it might not have worked.

Step 3: Game Plan

Finally, based on what we uncover in the first 2 steps, we will share a customized game plan specifically for you and your family to fight your child’s ADHD symptoms naturally. 

Of course, if you’d like our help to get to where you want to go even faster, then we can certainly discuss what working together looks like IF we feel we can help you and you fit our criteria.  

Please remember that we have limited availability because of our current client load.


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