One of the moms in my Facebook group recently shared a horror story. 

She was running low on a supplement that her child with ADHD uses daily. She wanted to get a refill here as quickly as possible so she ordered off of Amazon instead of other sites that she typically buys from. 

When the bottle arrived, the pills were a totally different color than the ones she normally receives. 

She contacted the company and sure enough, the pills she received were fake. 

Who knows what might have been in them?! 

Scary, right? 

“Lesson learned,” she told me. “From here on out, I’ll stick with other supplement suppliers!” 

The truth is, I LOVE Amazon for many things, but NOT as a supplement supplier. 

I prefer to buy all of my supplements from companies that I know have handled them properly (ie, have NOT left them in a warm warehouse where they might get ruined). 

I also prefer to buy them from companies that I know get their supplements directly from reputable suppliers. 

My advice for you is this: make sure to buy all of your supplements from companies you trust! If you do have to buy from Amazon, read those reviews carefully and pay attention to who is selling the product. 

My two favorite places to shop – that I KNOW keep my supplements safe –  are my online store and Fullscript.


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