Parenting a child with ADHD often feels like a lonely journey. 

Other parents of neuro-typical children don’t understand the challenges you face – day in and day out.

That’s why I’m so excited about this upcoming ADHD virtual summit that I get to be a part of! It gives parents of children with ADHD resources, strategies, and support – all for free! 

Join me and 20 other expert professionals for ADHD – What Now?  Comprehensive Keys to Help Your Child Succeed at School, Home, and Friendships.

ADHD – What Now? airs from February 15 – 25, with new speaker interviews released each day. It addresses questions such as:

  • Thriving with ADHD:
    • What is effective ADHD treatment?
      (taught by a leading world ADHD authority)
    • How will they learn to manage so they can be a successful adult?
      (taught by a Harvard psychologist with ADHD)
    • What is ADHD and what is ‘normal’ kid stuff?
    • Is it really ADHD? Is there something else making symptoms worse?
  • Support Options
    • Natural strategies for symptom reduction.
    • Specific resources to improve self-regulation and emotional regulation.
    • Tools to support common challenges with sensory, language, and visual skills.
  • Parenting
    • How and when to discipline.
    • Dealing with emotional roller-coasters. 
    • Tools for managing defiance, negativity, and reactivity in kids with ADHD.
  • School Success
    • How to help your bright child thrive, even with ADHD.
    • How to prepare for IEPs and what are school accommodations for ADHD?
    • Kids can become self-advocates; here’s how…

Click here to see the line-up and claim your free virtual seat. 


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