Have you ever wondered why some common ADHD medications don’t work for all children?

I certainly did when we were trying to find the right ADHD med for my son, Oliver. 

It felt like every medication was the wrong one for him. 

Either it had no effect or it made things worse instead of better! Or, sometimes, he had terrible side effects! 

It felt like we were just guessing most of the time. 

And to be honest, we were! 

We weren’t looking inside his body at deficiencies and attempting to improve these deficiencies. 

We were just treating symptoms. 

In my experience, that is the #1 reason many common meds don’t work: because they’re not actually getting to the underlying stressor. They’re just treating symptoms! 

Take a look at what Amber shared recently:

Testimonial of a mom using Dana Kay's program and raving about how it has helped her daughter.

Her daughter’s doctors weren’t able to help her because they didn’t know what was going on deep in the body. 

They didn’t run tests to look for food sensitivities, so they had no way of knowing which foods were causing inflammation. 

They didn’t run functional lab tests to look for parasites or bacterial overgrowth or candida. 

Amber didn’t see results with other doctors because they didn’t dig deep enough. 

She saw results with us because we dug deep enough to find the underlying stressors!


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