Did you know that many of the cleaning products that are labeled “green” or “non-toxic” are actually full of dangerous chemicals?! 

For years, I had no idea! 

When I first started looking at the labels of the products in my home (and using the EWG Healthy Living app, which I highly recommend, by the way), I couldn’t believe just how dirty many of my “clean” products were! 

Good news! TODAY ONLY, you can grab our Healthy Home Bundle for 10% off using the code THRIVECLEAN at checkout!  

Our  Healthy Home bundle includes our favorite toxin-free (and YES, they actually are toxin-free!!) cleaning products to help you get your home clean without filling it with dangerous chemicals. 

Here today. Gone tomorrow! Grab it before it’s too late!  

I recorded a video not too long ago all about some of my favorite non-toxic cleaning products. Want to check it out? You can find that here: https://youtu.be/w7s0mN0exEg  

* The following products are excluded from sales: Bio-up, Branch Basics, doTERRA, Heartmath, Good Clean Love, MitoQ, Intimina, Integrative Peptides, L-Nutra (Fast Bars), Marigold, Nordic Naturals, ProLon, Purity Coffee, RADIUS, Rip Van Wafels, Rejuvenation Science, SaunaSpace, Stoka Bars, Stoka Nutrition, Therasage, Thunderbird Bars, Tomorrow’s Nutrition PRO, EnviroKlenz, BergaMet, Uberlube, Vital Choice, Vitanica.


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