How do you feel about the back to school season? ?

Some parents of kids with ADHD look forward to it, as their kids do much better with the routine that school provides. (And, let’s be honest. The fact that someone is taking them for the day is often a breath of fresh air for us!) 

Other parents dread it because they know that with back to school comes those inevitable phone calls about bad behavior. 

“You need to come pick up your child, please. He hit another student.” 

“I’m calling because your child had a rough morning again.” 

If you have a child with ADHD, you’ve probably had a similar phone conversation with your child’s teacher at some point or another. (If you haven’t, count yourself lucky because it is NOT a fun call to take!) 

One thing I love about what I do is getting to see these phone calls disappear completely once parents learn to reduce the inflammation in their children’s bodies. 

? Check out what two of the parents in my program told me recently ?

Wow!! Deborah’s children – who used to get suspended for their bad behavior – are now self-regulating and even receiving awards for their GOOD behavior!! 

What a transformation! 

And Cassandra – who used to get regular phone calls from the school about her child’s behavior – is now being called about his POSITIVE choices! 

? Let me ask you…how would it feel to not have your stomach drop every time your caller ID showed the school’s number? ?

I have seen it happen time and time again once parents learn to heal their children’s bodies naturally. 

Those bad behaviors at school are often the first things to go. 

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