There are a lot of really great things I get to do in my profession. 

I get to work with amazing families from all over the country. I get to watch their lives being transformed month by month, they change their diets and heal their childrens’ body, brain and guts. I get to know some of the greatest people that otherwise I would probably never meet. 

But can I be real with you today? There are some things that really frustrate me about this industry! 

Take medication, for example. I have no problem with medication. In some instances, it is the right and necessary thing to do. 

But in the ADHD world that I work in, medication is presented like it’s the ONLY option. 

In many cases (maybe even most cases) parents aren’t even told there might be other things they can do to help their children. If a child is diagnosed with ADHD, what is the only solution offered: MEDICINE. 

Friends, medication is NOT the only option. 

I have another pet peeve that goes right along with this one. 

For some reason, in this industry, there are a lot of vitamins that claim to be the be-all and end-all. Parents are told that if they will just give their child THIS particular supplement, then all of their ADHD symptoms will be gone. 

When I was first learning about how to heal my son’s brain and gut naturally, I probably spent enough money to fund a college education on supplements that promised to heal his symptoms. And do you know what happened? 

NOTHING! His symptoms were not healed. In fact, sometimes, they got worse. 

That’s because every child is different. 

Just because a supplement worked for one child does not mean it will work as well for another child.

When I work with families on supplementation, I don’t give them all the same vitamins. I look at each child and run tests to see what each child actually needs. 

I get to the underlying stressor first BEFORE I start suggesting supplements. 

It just doesn’t make sense any other way! 

Why give a supplement for something your child might not be lacking? Why give him a vitamin he already has enough of? 

I wasted so much money doing things the WRONG way, and I don’t want that for you. 

Some people in my industry would rather you spend all your money trying various supplements, just hoping that one of them will work. Some people in my industry want you to give your child medication because it’s supposedly easy (though anyone who has dealt with side effects would argue differently). 

But I don’t want you wasting money and time trying things that don’t work.


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