Before we healed my son’s gut, body and brain, my only goal was to get through the day. 

I wasn’t thinking much about my hopes and goals for my family or for the future. Instead, all of my energy was focused on surviving the next minute…the next hour…the next day. It was definitely not the life I wanted to live. 

I wonder if any of you can relate to that feeling. 

As we began to make progress with my son and as I learned more, I finally started to set goals. My focus was no longer fixed on surviving the day, but was instead targeted. I was working toward something. 

At first, that goal was to get rid of gluten. Then, it was to get rid of dairy. Then, as my son’s behavior began to improve, my goals for him grew. We hit roadblocks, as I’m sure all families do. There were financial setbacks that we had to work through. 

But each day we made more and more progress toward the goals we set. 

Now, I don’t just dream of making it through the day. 

My dreams are so much bigger now because I know we can actually reach them! 

And I want that for you too! 

I don’t want you to live each day aiming only for survival. I want you to aim for so much more. And I believe The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids can help you get there. 

Listen, I get it. I understand that you might be afraid that this program won’t work for you. It’s totally okay to feel that way because this is a whole new way of looking at behavior and at food. 

But let’s just imagine that this program does actually help you reduce your child’s symptoms, improve your family life, and provide you and child with life-long foundations that will help you build a stronger future. 

Is it worth it to you to try? 


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