It was several years ago when I realized I was part of the problem. 

And boy, was it hard to accept that reality! 

We always want to believe it’s someone else’s fault, don’t we? And before you write me off completely, let me be clear….
Your child’s struggles are NOT your fault. Not completely anyway. 

But that doesn’t mean your responses and actions aren’t also playing a part in the difficulties. 

For me, it was the way I responded to my son when he struggled. 

I was making all sorts of dietary changes for all of us, but I wasn’t changing any of the ways I responded to my son when he was in the middle of a tantrum. 

And the truth is, you can remove gluten, dairy, and soy. You can feed your family only healthy food. But if you’re not also working to build positive relationships within your family, you will still not be where you want to be. 

That’s why I included positive parenting bonus lessons within my program, The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids. I knew from personal experience how important it was to not only change your diet, but to also change your parenting! 

Part of healing your family is healing ALL of it. 

Sometimes, that means you have to recognize ways in which you might be part of the problem. 

Are you, like I was, not responding well to your child’s tantrums? 

Are you allowing fear to keep you from doing what you know is right for your child? 

Are you allowing your own overwhelm to keep you from making a change you know you need to make? 

This week, do what you can to change YOU. 


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