A few weeks ago, my team and I were on a Zoom call and one of us kept having internet issues. 

My guess is you can totally relate! Isn’t technology great? ? ? ?

Take your best guess…who do you think was the one who was actually frozen in this position?

I’m curious how many of you will figure it out! 

Now, the reason I share this is because it’s fun, sure, but also because some of you may not realize that it’s not just me running my holistic health practice. 

The truth is, there are 9 of us: myself, Martine (our COO), Pahini (our lab testing coach), Ashley (our resident child and family therapist), Andrea and Valerie (two of our ADHD enrollment coaches), Lindsey (our editor and copywriter), Morgan (our success coach), and Nash (our administrator).   

One thing I love about this team is that most of them have been personally affected by ADHD and have gone through my programs themselves. 

They’ve seen firsthand how much of impact nutrition and targeted supplementation can have on ADHD symptoms. 

I asked them recently what was the biggest thing they got out of The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program.

Here’s what a couple of them said: 

Valerie: “Going through the program gave us our lives back. My son was triggered by every little thing, meltdowns that lasted for hours, anxiety that affected his every move, it was SO HARD. We can enjoy each other again, go places, our home is calm, and my son feels like the happy, healthy, little boy he should be.”

Lindsey: “My son doesn’t scream for hours on end anymore. He used to do that ALL THE TIME, and is doing much better regulating his emotions now.”

Andrea: “We went from getting daily phone calls/emails/texts from school to being recognized for excellent behavior. Not only did this boost his self-confidence, but the program brought back peace and balance in our home.”

That’s how I know this works! If my team members hadn’t seen positive effects first, they wouldn’t have ever joined the team.


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