“I’m just so tired of trying things that don’t work.” Her voice wavered as she said what I had heard many times before. 

It’s a common reason people hesitate to join The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids, my program that helps families reduce their child’s ADHD symptoms by healing their gut. 

This woman, like so many others I had spoken with in the past, was afraid of investing in ANOTHER thing to try and help her son. 

You see, she had already tried many things before. 

She tried natural methods that others promised would completely “fix” her daughter’s behavior. She tried various parenting techniques that others insisted would “make her behave.” She tried rewards, punishments, and supplement after supplement, each time getting her hopes up that they would work and each time being let down. 

So, as we talked on the phone about how diet can help improve ADHD symptoms, she started making excuses. 

It’s too expensive to eat healthy.

I don’t have time to cook. 

My daughter is too picky. 

But as we continued to talk, we finally got to the root of the problem: she was afraid. 

Those excuses she was making weren’t really the reason she couldn’t decide. They were factors certainly, but the primary reason she hesitated was fear. 

Fear of yet another attempt not working. Fear of failing as a mom. Fear of losing the hope that she had worked so hard to reacquire. 

If she didn’t try anything, she told herself, then she couldn’t be disappointed. 

So often, we make excuses to NOT do something because we are afraid it will fail. 

Have you been there? Maybe you’re there right now, desperate for something to help your family but also so afraid of trying another thing that might not work. 

I’ve been there too. I spent a small fortune on supplements that I thought might help my son. I remember feeling so disappointed when ANOTHER attempt didn’t work. 

It was only when I finally healed my son’s gut that we saw real, lasting results. I’m so glad I didn’t allow my fear of failure to keep me from trying the one thing that actually worked. 

And I don’t want fear to keep you from trying something that works either!

If you’re ready to kick your fear to the curb, with me and my expert team today. We can talk through your fears, work through any other hesitations you might have, and see if The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids is right for you.


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