****From only 5 foods to over 50!”****

Renee’s 2 year old son, Levi, was only eating 5 total foods when they joined the ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program. 

Like a lot of parents we work with, she worried that her son was too picky and would never eat the healthy foods she knew her son’s body needed. They had already tried food therapy, after all, and were disappointed when it didn’t help. 

But she decided to give our program a shot. Listen to more of her story here

Even though Renee worried about the cost of the program and feared it wouldn’t actually work, she took the plunge and is so glad she did. 

“I actually have my child back,” she told us. 

Before the program, she said they “could go nowhere and do nothing.” 

Her son had daily anger and rage. Daily meltdowns. He couldn’t control himself at all. Plus, he was sick monthly!

Now, he’s healthy and thriving. His daily tantrums are almost completely gone. He can sit still and look her in the eye (which he could never do before). And he’s eating more than 50 foods! He went from 5 to 50 in just a few short months! 

If Renee can do it, I know you can do it too! 

We have had success with every single picky child we have worked with. 

Just this week we had one parent share this in our private Facebook group:

No matter how picky your child might be, we have tips and tricks to help get them where you want them to be. 

No more excuses! 

Let me help you get your child eating the foods their body needs, using tried-and-true tricks that actually work!


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