Imagine spending years trying to help your child with her ADHD, yet nothing seems to work.

Day in and day out, you do your best to help her focus, manage her emotions, and control her impulses.

Yet, nothing moves the needle. 

That’s exactly what Jodi went through.

Her daughter was diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS and then worked with a neurologist for over a year. Sadly, they saw little improvement (and, as you can imagine, spent a LOT of time and money in the process)! 

But then everything changed. 

After years of struggle, Jodi finally found the answer to her daughter’s struggles when she did functional lab testing and got to the underlying issues in her daughter’s body. 

From what we found in the labs, we were able to provide specific, targeted supplements that healed her daughter’s gut, removed the inflammation that had built up there and enabled her to become the person Jodi always knew she could be. 

Jodi says now, “I wish I had known about functional lab testing from the very beginning. It would have saved us SO much suffering.” 

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