Deborah has 2 sons with ADHD (and 1 son with Autism).

Like a lot of parents in her situation, Deborah was struggling with their symptoms. Her family was in a state of distress. She was receiving calls from the school on a daily basis where two of her sons had been suspended a total of 36 times in the previous year alone!

Deborah had wasted a lot of time and money on psychologists, medications, and psychiatrists in attempts to solve her situation. But nothing seemed to work. If she continued as is, she would probably have lost her job. She didn’t know what to do or where to turn. She didn’t know that she was trying to fix deeper underlying problems with bandaids that didn’t work.

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Even though she was afraid of the initial cost, she took the plunge, trusted the process and followed the steps……..

Now 4 months later her results are UNBELIEVABLE. Not only have her boys been suspended 0 times this school year, they are now actually enjoying school, meeting or exceeding grade level in all subjects, winning awards, and just feeling more confident and happier (which is the most important thing of all).

Deborah understood that this was an investment upfront. But also a tiny fraction compared to what they could have spent over the years in trying to figure this out all on her own but also the most precious thing could have been lost……..time. Time enjoying her boys, enjoying time as a family. 

Now I’m not saying that everyone is guaranteed to get the same results as Deborah. But she’s no superhero. She’s a parent – just like you. She had a strong desire to figure this out, and she knew she couldn’t do it on her own, and that nothing else she tried had worked.

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