***From Total Chaos to Peace*** 

Imagine spending years trying to figure out how to best help your child with his ADHD, but nothing seems to work. 

Day in and day out, you filter through articles, websites, and books, trying to find something – anything – that might actually change the tone of your home. 

Yet nothing does one bit of good. 

Occasionally, you’ll get your hopes up when someone shares about a miracle supplement or method that made all the difference for them. 

You’ll think, “Yes! Finally! This has to work!”  

? But then, two weeks later, you’re back to square one, living in a home that feels like total chaos, grabbing for anything that might help you. ?

That’s exactly what Katie went through.

Katie is an amazing mom who loves her children deeply, but could never quite figure out the missing piece of the puzzle to help her son with ADHD. 

But then everything changed. And it changed quickly. 

After years of struggling on her own, Katie finally decided to join our program, the ADHD Thrive Method for Kids, so she could get targeted help that was designed specifically for her child’s body. 

She changed the foods her family ate, but also worked with us to do functional lab testing to figure out some of the underlying stressors in her son’s body. 

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