Have you ever read about others finding natural solutions to ADHD symptoms and thought to yourself…

“Yeah, but this all sounds too good to be true!”

“This plan might work for some people, but I’ve tried so many things. There’s no way this could work for my kid.”

Ashley felt the same way at first. In fact, even after she took the plunge and joined The ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program, she still had her doubts that the changes she was seeing in her son would last. 

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The changes in her family were so dramatic she almost couldn’t believe them herself! 

But her son did a complete 180! His defiance is now completely gone, and he is getting along with his siblings. His grades have improved at school too. 

Whereas before he would never give his mom a hug, even at bedtime, he is now giving her hugs multiple times a day! 

Medication didn’t work for him, but the hard work she put in, paired with our expert team of coaches, made all the difference for their family. 

A few months ago, she shared about a time when her son showed compassion toward a younger sibling: 

Before beginning the program, this would not have been possible. But now, it’s the norm for their family. 

And it can be the norm for your family too! 

Still have doubts? 

That’s totally understandable. We know what it’s like to try one thing after the next, only to be let down again and again. 

We’d be happy to talk with you about any questions or doubts you might have. Just let us know! 


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