Will the natural approach to ADHD treatment work for my child? 

That’s one of the most common questions I receive when I first speak with someone who is considering working with me. 

Parents want to know – before they invest more time and money – if the changes we suggest they make in their families will actually help. 

I have learned through working with hundreds of families that there are specific traits that all of my most successful clients have, and I wanted to share these traits with you. 


3 Traits of My Most Successful Clients: 

  • They’re committed to taking action *now* (not 3 months from now, not 6 months from now, but right now). 

          These parents are determined to help their children, and they’re ready to act now.

          We have had parents join the program over the holidays (even though changing food over the holidays can be difficult). We’ve had parents join during COVID (even though it might have been more difficult financially). 

          The parents that are the most successful in our program don’t let anything stop them from getting the help they need for their children. 


  • They are 100% motivated – all in – ready to do whatever it takes. 

          When people join the program, we ask them, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being fully motivated, 1 being not motivated at all), how motivated they are to help their child. 

          We have found that if they are anything less than a 10, they tend to give up when things get hard. 

          If they aren’t 100% motivated, they tend to turn back to old habits when a family member criticizes their approach or when a birthday party makes the dietary changes difficult, or when a teacher or doctor argues with their approach. 

          The people who are anything less than 100% motivated will throw in the towel and never see the amazing results they could have seen if they would have just stuck with it! 


  • They are coachable. 

          They realize how hard it can be to make these changes on their own, so they embrace the fact that they need support. 

          The truth is, there is a significant amount of time, effort, and struggle associated with tackling this on their own. 

          Parents who are successful in our program don’t balk at receiving help. Rather, they recognize how valuable the support can be and are eager to accept it. 


I’ll be honest with you. We don’t accept everyone into our program. That’s because we are so committed to the success of our families that we don’t want to see anyone join the program who is not just as invested as we are. 

Real change is possible, but it’s only possible if you’re 100% committed, 100% motivated, and 100% coachable.


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