? My child JUST. WON’T. GO. TO. SLEEP! ?

It’s one of the most common complaints of many parents I work with. 

That’s because sleeping issues are common for kids with ADHD. 

There are a variety of reasons for this, and I’m not going into those right now.

I also know that as much as understanding WHY is important, what’s even more important is obtaining tried and true SOLUTIONS! 

I’d much rather have someone tell me how to fix a problem than why the problem is happening in the first place, wouldn’t you? 

So here are two of my favorite tried and true solutions to sleep problems. 


2 Tips to Help Get Rid of Those Bedtime Battles: 

  • Set a quality bedtime routine.
    It’s amazing what a simple routine can do to improve an evening.
    A general rule is allocating an hour to this process. (I know, an hour can feel like a long time, but putting in this hour on the front end can really make the backend go SO much better!)Include the following activities in your routine:
  • Bath
  • Alone wind-down time in a room
  • Books
  • Lights out and cuddles, chat

Visual reminders and timers are often very effective with kids who have ADHD and can be really helpful for bedtime routines. 

One thing I love about a visual reminder is that it makes the visual the bad guy and takes you as the parent out of the mix. It’s the reminder telling them what to do, not the parent! 

For younger children, consider making a chart with pictures that show exactly what needs to be done before bed: bathing, brushing teeth, pjs, book time, etc. These visual reminders help children stay on track. 


  • Remove all stressors about an hour before bedtime. 

We all know exactly what it feels like to toss and turn when something is frustrating or annoying us. We also know what it’s like to be full of energy and unable to shut it off. 

One of the best things to help kids calm before bed is to remove all stressors – that includes homework and screens – at least an hour before bed. 

Once these stressors are removed and a quality routine is established, bedtime will become much less of a battlezone! 

P.S. I saw this interesting article in ADDitude magazine, and it shared 3 natural remedies for ADHD symptoms. Sleep was one of them! Go check it out here: https://www.additudemag.com/natural-remedies-adhd-children-nutrition-exercise-sleep/


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