6 natural remedies for ADHD

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Start your natural healing journey today with these 6 natural remedies for ADHD in kids.

Starting the healing journey can be so overwhelming and most people do not know where to begin. Today I have chosen to share with you some basic easy natural remedies for helping to reduce symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD to get you started.

Symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders can cause quite the stress, and knowing how to reduce them, can largely work in your child’s favor, and of course yours too!

So don’t stress, and get started today with some of these basic strategies / natural remedies for ADHD and SPD in kids.

1. Remove artificial coloring and other additives

Studies have shown that artificially flavors and colors can aggravate your child’s symptoms. Further, these food items are usually high in sugar content, and we all know what too much sugar can do to our children! I have seen the effects candies like Skittles have on my son’s hyperactivity. Moreover, I have also witnessed improvements in his behavior by simply removing these items from his diet. So parents, the first advice I can give is: remove such additives from your kid’s diet immediately!

Some studies even indicate that artificial coloring and flavors, as well as the preservative sodium benzoate, can make even some kids without ADHD hyperactive.

2. Food intolerance testing; remove and replace identified items from the diet

As a parent, the second thing you can do is to get your child’s food intolerance test done. The test results would indicate the items that might be reacting adversely in your child’s body. Moderately reactive food items would appear in yellow, while highly reactive ones would appear in red.
My child’s food intolerance test reports convinced me to remove many food items from his diet and we saw dramatic affects. This also helped heal his gut which is fundamental to the healing process. I am not going to go into gut healing today as this is a whole topic on its own which I will write about later. Test your sensitivity to 96 different foods, all from home. Show Now!

3. Vitamin and mineral deficiency testing

Have your child tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Generally children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, Autism, SPD etc are deficient in important nutrients. However, testing is fundamental to ensure they get the right doses.

My son has daily doses of different supplements especially designed for his body. Research studies show how vitamins are used in treating these disorders; common supplements include Vitamin B6 and B12 to increase dopamine and reduce aggression and antisocial behavior, magnesium for treating ADHD, zinc for improving concentration,  iron also for increasing attentiveness and mood and Omega-3 for optimizing brain function.

4. Parental therapy

Your kid needs your attention! So make sure you are trying to interact with your child in a positive way that can help them build the essential skills that will be useful in managing their disorder throughout life.

When parent and child are in constant conflict, it can be extremely detrimental to the child’s growth and the family relationship.

Parental therapy and coaching has shown to really improve the child parental bond and benefit dramatically.

It teaches the parents important communication techniques to reduce conflict and gain their child’s compliance and respect.

It helps families identify the child’s needs, set goals and build strategies that help in utilizing their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses.

It also help the child understand their own unique strengths and challenges, learn appropriate behavior, social and academic skills that will be useful throughout their life.

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils has long been known as one of the natural remedies for kids with ADHD, Autism etc. They are scientifically proven to reduce symptoms in these kids. In 2011, a physician conducted a research study, with six children having ADHD. He gave them a variety of essential oils; vetiver and cedarwood oil resulted in improved brain activity and reduced symptoms, while lavender showed minimum result.

Lavender oil induces a calming effect on the brain and cures ADHD, whereas rosemary, citrus, and peppermint oils help with memory and concentration.

I also give my kid two other oils namely, ‘Frankincense,’ and ‘Ylang Ylang.’  They are helpful in reducing negative emotions, and improving blood flow in different parts of the body.
These oils have reduced my kid’s symptoms to a great degree. A tip is to alternate between any two of them!  Check out my fave brand here>>. If you join as a wholesale customer, you can save 25% on anything that you order.

6. Regular Physical Exercise & Outdoor Playtime

The last, but not the least of the natural remedies for ADHD etc, is to exercise regularly!  Exercise releases chemicals called neurotransmitters; these help greatly in thinking clearly. Dopamine helps a lot in improving attention. Make sure your kid enjoys their outdoor playtime today!

The above only touch the surface of the healing process but such easy things to start you on your journey. Follow these remedies and reduce your child’s symptoms naturally!


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Book your free call with one of my expert team members to help you take your next step toward a healthier, happier home. There is absolutely NO RISK. It’s free, and there are no obligations. All we will do is chat about how we can help you get to where you want to go!